Elena Gheorghe, Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2009

As of May 17 at midnight, Wiwi’s readers had cast 1,720 votes to determine who should win Eurovision’s Next Top Model. Eurovision front-runner and teen singing sensation Safura has jumped into a commanding lead with 39% of all votes. Last week she was in fifth position with only 4%. Romania’s Paula Seling (the beauty from Bucharest), Croatia’s Nika Antolos (the babe from the Balkans) and Armenia’s Eva Rivas (Yerevan’s answer to Angelina Jolie) all remain in contention.

Below, you can see the complete rankings. You can also watch an interview with each candidate. Wiwi thinks it’s important you see these women working their beauty in real life, not just in a photograph. And it’s probably important that you get to know them as people, too. We don’t want a meanie representing Eurovision on the runway next season. Don’t forget to tell your Facebook friends to vote in Wiwi’s search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model! You can also vote and see the most current results after the interviews. Enjoy the ladies!

1. Azerbaijan, Safura (678 votes, 39.42%)

2. Romania, Paula Seling (383 votes, 22.27%)

3. Armenia, Eva Rivas (222 votes, 12.91%)

4. Croatia, Feminnem, Nika Antolos (168 votes, 9.77%)

5. Germany, Lena Meyer-Landrut (77 votes, 4.48%)

6. Portugal, Filipa Azevedo (37 votes, 2.15%)

7. Georgia, Sofia Nizharadze (26 votes, 1.51%)

8. Moldova, Olia Tira (25 votes, 1.45%)

9. Ukraine, Alyosha (22 votes, 1.28%)

10. Latvia, Aisha (21 votes, 1.22%)

11. Slovakia, Kristina (18 votes, 1.05%)

11. Sweden, Anna Bergendahl (18 votes, 1.05%)

13. Slovenia, Barbara Ogrinc (13 votes, 0.76%)

14. Albania, Juliana Pasha (12 votes, 0.7%)


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Romanian girl Paula Seling are definitely the most beautiful and the best singer on this year edition of Eurovision Song Contest !!!


the best is PAULA, I am Armenian, yes the best is Paula, people didn’t choose eva, but tv channel, she is very random


How can this ugly Asian thing compete for top model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sammy you are a retard maybe you are the one who was born as a shemale? 😉 by making so much advertising for safura …. people have started disliking her and her song you know why? entire azerbaidjani thing is coming over REALLY desperate spending millions on JUST a music contest??! get a life she is 17-years-old and acts like she is over 25 😉 we’ve seen it all before … wanna be american attitude nothing new i’m from belgium before this i hadn’t heard of armenia or azerbaidjan but now i have this image of azerbaidjan as a desperate… Read more »