Y’all keep asking Wiwi for more video footage of Harel Skaat. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the kinds of videos y’all wanted. This is NOT that kind of web site. But I did find some interviews with Harel in English, and in Hebrew with English subtitles. He has such a nice manner about him. Douze points from Wiwi!

Harel, after being announced as Israel’s representative (Hebrew with English subtitles):

Harel with Lior Shlyan (Hebrew with English subtitles):

Interview with Eurovision.tv. If he doesn’t win, he can always be a model:

Harel on how the last year has changed his life:

Harel recording with full orchestra:

Harel with his brother. Double your pleasure, double your fun!

Harel on the popular Harel Moyal show:

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11 years ago

he is very hot and yes he always can be a model.sex with him must be great

12 years ago

if you go on youtube and search for “Harel Skaat” or in hebrew “???? ????” you’ll find many clips from live shows and clubs where he sings and you can truely enjoy an eye-candy and some heavenly vocals (some clips do have bad audio but some are quite good)