Anna Bergendahl is the first Swedish entry in the history of Eurovision to fail to qualify for the final, but y’all are still showing her some love. Wiwi’s readers have named the 18-year old singer and former Swedish Idol finalist their favorite Nordic act at Eurovision.

At a press conference following the second semi-final, Bergendahl tried to stay positive about her historic loss. “I think I did all I could. There’s nothing that I would have changed. I represented Sweden exactly the way I wanted to and could.” She also said she was pleased that Denmark and Georgia made it through, and that she hopes that Israel wins the whole thing. Despite the smiles, she seemed to take a swipe at the Netherlands’ Sieneke, saying that she didn’t want to be the type of artist who has a clown on stage.

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12 years ago

ughh. Sweden – Anna Bergendahl should have made it to the final instead of United Kingdom – Josh Dubovie. His song was completely stupid !! Anna shouldn’t have been elimated.

‘Humpf !!’

Damir Ruzic
Damir Ruzic
12 years ago

Anna’s performance in Oslo was quite good, but her presentation, her look into the camera expressed she was under pressure and showed her nerves which I think is absolutely normal for such a young girl.
If she had  a performance as she had in final evening of Melodiefestivalen she’d been surely in Eurovision contest final. I was quite disappointed not seeing her in the grand final, but that is life. I love her Yours sincerely and wishing her good luck and many good songs in the future. Best wishes dear  Anna from one audiophile enthusiast from Croatia. 

13 years ago

OMFG!!! :'(
Why does the Eurovision Song Contest never fail to disappoint. Anna Bergendahl was awesome and didn’t even qualify. They still managed to put one of the worst ever entries from Israel through though (the old guilty conscience again? Go figure) . Un-Be-Effing-Lievable. Well, anyways, just do a search for eurovision 2010 on spotify and see who’s top of the list. Justice!