Eurovision may be over, but the race to become an international superstar is only just beginning. Now that the women of Eurovision have put down their microphones and are catching up on some much-needed rest, it’s up to the rest of us to give them a bit of encouragement by judging them on their physical appearance!

Since March, Wiwi’s readers have cast more than 7,000 votes (3,500 in the semi-finals, and 3,500 in the finals) to determine who deserves the prestigious and life-affirming title of Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2010. Following strong performances during Eurovision, three woman have emerged as the favorites. Azerbaijan’s Safura currently claims  26.5% of all votes, followed by Romania’s Paula Seling with 22%, and Armenia’s Eva Rivas with 15.5%.

Below you can see the complete standings as of June 3, and footage of the women in action during Eurovision 2010. I understand that their beauty and generous cleavage may distract you (along with the fire and pyrotechnics), but please pay attention to to their overall appearance and sense of movement. Do they “give face” while singing? Have they been attending all of their teeth whitening sessions? Do they own their clothes, or do their clothes own them? Beyond pure aesthetics, Eurovision’s Next Top Model must be able to convey personality on the runway. It’s also important that she can convey sweet and light off of it, too. To help you assess each woman’s attitude and charm, please watch these interviews before casting your vote. And don’t forget to review each contestant’s portfolio by clicking here. Wiwi will close the poll on Friday, June 11 at 11:59pm. You can cast your vote at the end of this post.

1. Azerbaijan, Safura (939, 26.5%)

2. Romania, Paula Seling (771, 21.76%)

3. Armenia, Eva Rivas (548, 15.46%)

4. Croatia, Feminnem, Nika Antolos (274, 7.73%)

5. Germany, Lena Meyer-Landrut (231, 6.52%)

6. Ukraine, Alyosha (164, 4.63%)

7. Georgia, Sofia Nizharadze (111, 3.13%)

8. Portugal, Filipa Azevedo (79, 2.23%)

9. Sweden, Anna Bergendahl (73, 2.06%)

10. Moldova, Olia Tira (72, 2.03%)

11. Albania, Juliana Pasha (71, 2%)

12. Latvia, Aisha (71, 2%)

13. Slovenia, The woman in Ansambel Roka Žlindre (71, 2%)

14. Slovakia, Kristina (69, 1.95%)

UPDATE: Romania’s Paula Seling is Eurovision’s Next Top Model!

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Succes Paula!!!!


Wow, i vote it for Paula Seling, the most beautiful girl in Europa, she has an amazing voice, amazing body, amazing hair, eyes EVERYTHING!! Just vote for her 🙂 ..and if someone had her contact..guys please tell me to me! Thanks 🙂 <3


Paula Seling form Romania is the best singer in the competition , with an amazing voice and magnificent body. I vote for it!

anna massih
anna massih

Eva is naturaly beutifull has sweet and strong voice and exellent personality