Azerbaijan: Do not choose this woman. Please!

Wiwi did not watch the third semi-final in the Azeri national selection. But if Günay Ibrahimli won it, then the rest of the competition must have been really weak.

Ibrahimli beat out ten competitors to secure the third spot in Azerbaijan’s final, which takes place in February. Below you can listen to her TOTALLY BUTCHER “The Balkan Girls” by Romania’s Elena Gheorghe. Wiwi’s readers will remember that the Romanian beauty won first place in Wiwi’s 2009 search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model.

Günay Ibrahimli singing “The Balkan Girls”:

Elena performing the original:

Oh, wait. Ibrahiml also gives us her rendition of 2010 Eurovision contestant Sofia Nizharadze from Georgia. It’s like bad karaoke.

Sofia’s video for “Shine”:

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8 years ago

Well, her voice is awful, but that guy in the black suit that dances in “Shine”… he’s gorgeous. I would love to see him with a decent singer. Maybe Sofia herself.