Wiwi does not do drugs. But after watching this video of Nicola Barkley, he’s pretty sure he knows what it feels like to hallucinate.

During today’s instalment of Azerbaijan’s ongoing Eurovision selection contest (it was part 4 for those of you struggling to keep track) the jury announced that Nicola, who finished second in last week’s semi-final, would be given a wildcard in the finale. Apparently they were “amazed” by her voice.

Are they deaf? Nikola, who hails from Scotland but has somehow ended up in Baku, is seriously bad. Check her out singing Juliana Pasha’s “It’s All About You.” Juliana, you’ll recall, placed 16th at Eurovision last year representing Albania and has a thing for Jesus Christ.

Juliana singing her song how it’s meant to be sung:

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11 years ago

who r u to be dissin Ms. barkley

sam k.
sam k.
12 years ago

she is a TRAIN WRECK!