Armenian Public Television (ARMTV) confirmed today that Armenian sensation and 2010 national finalist Emmy will be taking to the stage in Germany!

Emmy, who lost out to Angelina Jolie look-a-like Eva Rivas, was chosen internally by the broadcaster, bypassing a national selection contest. The last time ARMTV went that route was in 2008 with the selection of Sirusho. She achieved the country’s highest-ever Eurovision result, finishing fourth.

If you watch these videos of Emmy in action, you’ll see that she shares Sirusho’s ability to shake while wearing next to nothing. And she spits out lyrics like “Sexy girls lick your lips and then move your hips…” We love a woman who can rhyme!

Here she is performing ‘Hey (let me hear you say)’ at the 2010 Armenian national selection:

Emmy featuring Super Sako with ‘Voch Yes, Voch Du’:

Emmy featuring Super Saqo with ‘Yete Du Gnas’:

Emmy featuring Super Saqo with “You Are The One”:

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10 years ago

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