Flamboyant Russian pop diva Philipp Kirkorov has fled to Israel after allegedly slapping a female assistant because he was unhappy with the lighting at a concert venue.

The woman, Marina Yablokova, claims he grew angry during a rehearsal at Russia’s annual Golden Gramophone song contest this week, and, after slapping her, dragged her along the floor by her hair and kicked her. She later showed television reporters a large bruise on her thigh, which she attributed to the attack. Ms. Yablokova says she will sue the star.

Kirkorov, a favorite of middle-aged women throughout the Russian-speaking world, has earned a reputation for his sassy attitude, outrageous attire and public outbursts. He initially denied the reports, but on Dec. 8 flew to Israel to undergo psychiatric tests. While away he issued this statement on his website:

“Unfortunately, I am forced to talk about something I could not admit to myself,” he said. “I must be seriously ill. Twice a year I have serious attacks, when I do not remember or understand anything that I do.”

“I do not know how to live any more.”

He returned to Moscow yesterday morning, after doctors deemed him mentally sound.

Kirkorov finished 17th at the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest with his song ‘Kolibelnaya dlya vulkana’ (Lullaby for a Volcano). Watch it here:

(via the Independent)

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11 years ago

chydo yuo, poy,poy poy!ti bozhestvenniy!Fillip!!!!

12 years ago

Filip zolotoi kajdii Bojii den ya molus za tebya.Bog s toboi i ti vsegda budesh na samoi visote do konza svoei jizni. jelau tebe krepkogo zdorov ya.kisses love you.