Fifteen semi-finalists have been selected for this year’s Euroviisut qualification competition in Finland. Twelve of the semi-finalists were selected by host producer YLE while the remaining three were chosen from a public vote. Three semi-finals of five songs will take place throughout January, with the three songs with the highest votes from each evening automatically advancing to the final on February 12th. One remaining song will be selected by a jury from the six that did not automatically advance.

Here’s a quick preview of the 15 semi-finalists:

1) Automatic Eye – Known most for their single ‘Away from Sunshine’, this young group formed in 2005. This rock-pop band will be performing the catchy tune ‘I’m Not the One Who’s Sorry’:

2) Marko Maunuksela – Winner of Finland’s annual Tango singing competition in 2010, Marko sticks to what he does best with this traditional song ‘Synkän Maan Tango’:

3) Johanna Iivanainen – This 34-year-old musician has trained extensively in several of Finland’s top conservatories. Here she is with ‘Luojani mun’:

4) Jonna – Winner of a key Finnish national song contest at age 10, Jonna is hoping for an even bigger victory this year with her soulful pop tune ‘Puppets’:

5) Cardiant – Yet another heavy metal band trying to represent Finland at ESC, Cardiant is one of the entries chosen by the public. They’re singing ‘Rapture in Time’:

6) Soma Manuchar – Born in Iraqi Kurdistan, this saucy diva immigrated to Helsinki at age 6 and signed with Universal Music in 2007. Wiwi and Vebooboo are of course most fond of her single ‘Janie’, the official Helsinki Pride 2010 song. We also like her hair. She’ll be singing ‘Strong’:

7) Paradise Oskar – Paradise is clearly trying to be the Tom Dice of 2011 with this song ‘Da Da Dam’ about some b0y who wants to save the planet by planting some trees. Hmm…

8) Constantine – A bit of a Finnish movie star, Constantine will perform a catchy pop song called ‘Party to Party.’ We applaud him for daring to wear so much eye shadow.

9) Milana Misic – Milana mixes East and West with this entry— a mindf*ck from afar… ‘Sydämeni kaksi maata’:

10) Father McKenzie – Another one of the three publicly chosen contestants, Father McKenzie is a boy band with a mainstream pop song called ‘Good Enough.’

11) Eveliina Määttä – Eveliina doesn’t look like she’s old enough to ‘Dance in the Dark,’ but her song could be exactly what the public is looking for this year.

12) Sami Hintsanen – Known for his roles in Helsinki’s City Theatre, Sami is hoping to represent Finland on a much bigger stage with this ballad.

13) Tommi Soidinmäki – Winner of the 2004 Tango song contest, Tommi is hoping to beat out Marko with this upbeat number ‘Seis!’

14) Saara Aalto – A finalist of Talent Suomi 2007, Finland’s equivalent to Britain’s Got Talent, Saara was also one of the public’s entries into the competition. Her entry ‘Blessed with Love’ would make Chiara and Jade Ewen proud. And that Maltese chick who had the crazy bird in the background last year.

15) Stala & So. – A rock band with interesting costume choices and audible accents, Stala & So hopes it won’t just get one vote from Pamela when they perform this number.