After a series of disqualifications, the line-up for Estonia’s 2011 Eesti Laul Eurovision selection has finally been finalized. Twenty acts will compete in two semi-finals, scheduled for February 12 and 19. Five acts will advance from each heat to the final at Nokia Concert Hall on February 26. Wiwi hasn’t found videos for all of the songs, but here are the ones that are available for now:

Rolf Roosalu with “All & Now”

Victoria with “Baby had you”

Noorkuu with “Be my saturday”

Jana Kaask with “Don’t want anything”

Ithaka Maria with “Hoppa-Pa-Rei”

Outlondz with “I wanna meet Bob Dylan”

Laika Virgin feat. Fredy Schmidt with “Ilusad inimesed” (Beautiful people)

Uku Suviste with “Jagatud öö” (Disturbed work)

Elmayonesa with “Kes ei tantsi, on politsei” (Who does not dance, the police)

Ans Andur with “Lapsed ja lennukid” (Children and planes)

Kait Tamra with “Lubadus” (Promise)

Tiiu Kiik with “Second Chance”

Sofia Rubina with “My Melody”

Sopruse puiestee & Merili Varik with “Rahu, ainult, rahu” (Peace, only peace)

Getter Jaani with “Rockefeller Street”

MID with “Smile”

Shirubi Ikazuchi with “St. Cabah”

Mimicry with “The Storm”

Jaan Pehk with “Valss Waltz”

Marilyn Jurman & Karl Kanter with “Veel on aega” (There is still time)

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