Eliminated: Jimi Constantine

Vebooboo had high hopes for Soma Manuchar. The Kurdish immigrant took to the stage January 22 clad in a belly dancer outfit and sporting a six-foot pony tail ya just wanted to yank. Unfortunately the fabulous look was all she had going for her. The three-minute performance was devoid of any movement and full of pitch problems, leading voters to relegate her to the wildcard lottery.

Despite Vebooboo’s disappointment, two new stars were born in Finland.  The dapper youngster Paradise Oskar staked his claim to become this year’s Tom Dice with the beautiful ballad “Da Da Dam,” and Father McKenzie’s alternative rock number “Good Enough” lived up to its title. They’ll compete in the final along with Milana Misic. You can watch all of their performances below. Also, be sure to check out the hot mess that was Jimi Constantine.  The singer spent more time throwing Monopoly money at the audience and stripping than he did singing.  While Vebooboo did enjoy the view, his ears are still bleeding. And the lyrics were crap, and totally out of tune with the ongoing chill of recession. “We can sleep when we’re dead / ‘Cause tonight’s the night we go from party to party/ Spend all our money/ ‘Cause we’re not going to live forever.” WTF??

Paradise Oskar:

Father McKenzie:

Milana Misic

Soma Manuchar:

Jimi Constantine:

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paradise oskar is really boring and derivative

William Lee Adams

gosh. will jimi bite my apples? mama has apples.

William Lee Adams

HE IS GORGEOUS! Europe would vote for his pecs.