David Sancho: Through to the final of Destino Eurovision

In the aftermath of two disappointing performances at Eurovision—Soraya finished 24th in 2009, and Daniel Diges finished 15th in 2010—Spain is looking for a hero. Perhaps that’s why this year’s 24 semi-finalists are all performing covers of Eurovision’s greatest hits. During Friday’s first semi-final, televoters gave the green light to three acts, and the jury chimed in to send two more through to the final. You can listen to them below—and (if you dare) compare them to the original. Wiwi thinks Gio’s cover of “Satellite” is particularly gag-worthy. What do y’all think? Are any of the acts caliente?

Televoting winners:

David Sancho with “Estando contigo”:

Conchita Bautista; 9th place at Eurovision in 1964:

Auryn with “Fly on the wings of love”:

Denmark’s Olsen Brothers; Eurovision Winners in 2000:

Lucia Perez with “Non ho l’eta“:

Italy’s Gigliola Cinquetti; Eurovision Winner in 1964:

Jury winners:

Gio with “Satellite“:

Germany’s Lena Meyer-Landrut; Eurovision Winner in 2010:

Da Igual with “Bailar pegados”:

Sergio Dalmal; 4th place at Eurovision in 1991:

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11 years ago

Auryn sound good. Maybe due to the awesomeness of the song itself, but they do)))