Latvia’s Aisha was a lyrical trainwreck at Eurovision 2010 (“”Why does the wind still blow and blood still leak? So many questions now and no reply. What for do people live and die?”). So Wiwi watched the first semi-final of Lativa’s Eirodziesma contest with more than a bit of skepticism. In the end, five acts of ten advanced to the final—and only two of the qualifiers will make your ears bleed! That’s progress people. You can watch the winners below. Enjoy! xoxo, Wiwi

Blitze – Hop
The lead sings “hop!” repeatedly, but he spends the first minute of the song seated on a leather sofa. He’s adorable, and we like his thick accent. Whenever he pronounces Hop! as Up! we melt, and wonder if he really wanted to call the song Jump! instead. We really wish the guitarist would trim his chin pubes.

D-family – Daylight

Not clear if they’re going to the prom or a funeral, but we dig the mix of ska and electro-pop.

Pieneu Vins – You Are

The poor woman is either trying to eat the microphone, or fellate it. Either way, we don’t approve. Fun costume though.

Evija Sloka – Don’t Stop The Dance

Don’t stop the dance, but please stop the song. Wiwi isn’t feeling this.

Janis Stibelis – Let It Be Me
Seriously appalling. The back-up vocalists seem like they’re on drugs, and the oversized blond woman playing the guitar (rather stoically) needs some.