Elisabeth Andreassen deserves a spot in the final

The second Melodifestivalen semi-final takes place Saturday in Gothenburg, and Vebooboo has just watched Elsa’s sneak preview. All in all, the quality is definitely lower than in semi-final #1. Sucks for us. But at least that means the favorites will have an easier ride through to the final in Stockholm! You can read my predictions below. To watch a contestant’s preview, just click on their name.

Brolle — ‘7 Days and 7 Nights’: Well it took a while for this song to hit its schlager rhythm, and with only 1 minute of sneak preview that means Vebooboo is naturally predisposed to thinking it sucks.  Unless Brolle pulls magic out of his huge mohawk he will be saying good-bye in Gothenburg on Saturday night.

Prediction:  OUT

Loreen — ‘My Heart is Refusing Me’: This lady doesn’t exactly have the best stage presence (she looks eerily freaky in the sneak preview), but her song is one of the best in the competition to date.  Sweden’s badass producers could definitely transform this into a hot dance track—it already builds and has shape in this one-minute sneak preview.  Loreen’s major obstacle is Anniela, who also performs a song from the electro-dance genre, thereby diluting Loreen’s votes.

Prediction: Second Chance

Babsan — ‘Ge mig en spanjor’: The singing is horrible, but it’s to be expected from a performer known as a drag queen and not a singer. But Babsan made it to the finals the last time (s)he performed, and the diversity factor could vote him/her through again, though Vebooboo doesn’t think that Babsan deserves that treatment.  Babsan ain’t got nothing on Dana International.
Prediction:  OUT

Anniela — ‘Elektrisk’: This upbeat pop song, sung in Swedish (finally!), will get quite a few votes from the teens who haven’t thrown their money at Sanna. It isn’t the best pop song in the world, but in a weak field, it may be good enough to make it to the Second Chance.

Prediction:  Second Chance

The Moniker — ‘Oh My God’: One of the weirdest songs of the year.  The lead singer isn’t exactly a looker, and Vebooboo doesn’t want to think about him being in love with anyone.  British indie music hasn’t generally fared all too well in Melodifestivalen, and this time will likely not be any different.
Prediction:  OUT

Elisabeth Andreassen — ‘Vaken i en dröm’: This is the only slow ballad of the night.  Add to that the fact that Elisabeth is an ESC diva—she won the 1985 contest representing Norway—and has a great voice and you have a winning song.

Prediction: Direct to finals

Christian Waz — ‘Like Suicide’:
The clip is anything but flattering. Christian’s voice is barely audible over the background and his stage presence is horrific.  That it’s a bad song to boot may encourage suicide.
Prediction:  OUT

Sanna Nielsen — ‘I’m in Love’: Vebooboo was so ecstatic when he heard Sanna was going to compete again (and for the 6th time!)  In all honesty, this doesn’t seem to be her best Melodifestivalen song to date. But she has amassed such a huge fan base over the years that anything but a straight victory in Saturday’s semi-final would be a shock to us (and disappointment to her).

Prediction:  Direct to finals

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[…] to Eurovision pre-selections. She competed last year with an empowering number called “My heart is refusing me.” Sadly Melodifestivalen voters refused her too, and relegated her to the andra chansen […]

William Lee Adams

loreena is awesome. a nice R&B choice for sweden!

William Lee Adams

her breasts are inappropriate! how old is she? cover up!