Slovak broadcaster STV has decided to double their pleasure and double their fun by choosing identical twins Daniela and Veronika Nízlová for Eurovision 2011. They’ll be singing a song called “I’m Still Alive.”

Formed in 1996, the stunning sisters started their pop careers under the name Tweens. But in 2006 they decided to adopt the slightly more sexual name “Twice as Nice ” before rebooting as “TWiiNS” in 2008. With its mix of upper- and lower-case letters, that name invokes 2003 Russian Eurovision entry t.A.T.u. (At this point, though, there does not appear to be any hint of faux-lesbianism between the 24-year old sisters.)

In the grand tradition of sister acts like The Cheeky Girls, Daniela and Veronika have built a career on sex appeal. Vocals take a back seat to flesh, and that proves divisive among some listeners. For instance, take their video for “Boys, Boys, Boys”—a song about men, women and sex. In classier moments, the twins wear tight spandex dresses while the camera pans down to their va-jay-jays. In less classy moments, they wear denim shorts that barely cover said va-jay-jays. This was too much for one commenter on YouTube who wrote: “I can’t like this. Society please step back a bit, because this is now not ‘getting disgusting,’ this IS disgusting, and I feel horrible for being a human because of this.”

That user should probably lighten up. At least the simplicity of the lyrics is amusing:

Boys, boys, boys
I’m looking for a good time
Boys, boys, boys
Get ready for my love
Boys, boys, boys
I’m looking for the good time
Boys, boys, boys
I’m ready for your love

Here they are frolicking on the beach singing their song “I Don’t Know.”

The decision to go with contestants willing to bare all seems like a knee-jerk reaction to the poor performance of last year’s entry Kristina Pelakova. Dressed as a homely forest nymph, she was tipped by betting agencies and pollsters alike as one of the favorites in Oslo. But nerves got the better of her during the first semi-final and she finished a disappointing 16th.

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13 years ago

Speaking of Sabrina, I can’t wait to see what Italy chooses this year! I hope we won’t be disappointed!

13 years ago

“Boys, boys, boys” is actually a cover version of Sabrina’ huge euro-hit from the summer of ’88.