Will it be Stanny and NASO for Bulgaria?

In a WTF of epic proportions, Wiwi’s readers have backed Stanny Brown featuring N.A.S.O. with “I Know” ahead of tonight’s final in Sofia.

The song won Wiwi’s poll with 66% of all votes, well ahead of second-place finisher Mona with “Teen Life.” As you can see from the official preview clips, though, victory in Bulgaria doesn’t really mean that much.  The field includes a rock band singing about Levi’s, and this blond woman who looks (and sounds) like a drowning Barbara Streisand on novocaine:

Here’s our presumptive winner, followed by the full results.

Wiwi’s Video Player will feature footage of the winner later tonight! Come back, damnit! xoxo, Wiwi

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Stanny Brown
Stanny Brown
10 years ago

Hi all, thanks for your support. Just in case you are wondering why we had to start all over again – my microphone was not working and even though I was giving signals for more than 15 seconds, there was not anyone running to me with a back up plan :-), no kidding…they just forgot to turn it on… Anyway, other than that all was great :-).