When news broke that 1998 Eurovision winner Dana International was competing for Eurovision glory in 2011, Wiwi got rul rul excited. But when the IBA, Israel’s national broadcaster, revealed the 10 songs earlier today, Wiwi was left rul rul disappointed. Dana’s “Ding Dong” lacks the vigor and excitement we’ve come to expect from the fiery diva. It sounds like some uncomfortable mix between ballad and electro-pop, and the title makes me think of a penis. Even so, Wiwi still has it down as one of the best in this year’s field, along with the honky-tonk infused offering from Carmel Eckmann entitled “Come to My Belongings” (I’m hoping that’s just a bad translation!) and Idit Halevi’s “It’s My Time.”

What do you think? You can listen to all of this year’s finalists below—they’re in running order. And be sure to vote in Wiwi’s poll to let him know who you think should represent Israel at Eurovision 2011! xoxo, Wiwi

1. Adi Cohen – Al Haavah (About Love)

2. KNOB – Ohev Et Ze (Iam loving it)

3. Chen Ahroni- Or (Light)

4. Idit Halevi – It’s My Time

5. Hatikva 6 – Hakol Sababa (Everything is fine)

6. Nikki Gokdstein – Amri Eitach (I will take off with you)

7. Sivan Bahnem – Kach Oti (Take me)

8. Michael & Shimrit Greilsammer – Tu Du du

9. Dana International – Ding Dong

10. Carmel Ekman– El Gagoai (Traveling to my belongings)