On top: Schlager queen Linda Bengtzing

Wiwi and Vebooboo spent last weekend up North in Sweden.  Although we gorged on enough elk and kanelbullar (cinammon buns) to last a lifetime, the highlight of our trip was definitely Saturday night’s fourth and final Melodifestivalen semi-final.

Billed as the weakest of the four semis, especially following the drab one-minute clips released by SVT last Thursday, Saturday night’s semi-final ended up surprising a lot of folks as quality act after quality act took to the stage. And that stage was bloody huge! Take a look at this video Wiwi shot before the show got started (Um, he clearly needs to learn to hold his camera the OTHER direction):

Voters crowned Linda Bengtzing queen of the night (no small feat in a room FULL of queens).  Dressed in a skimpy neon-yellow dress with matching high-heel, knee-length boots, the 36 year-old shook what her mama gave her in an amazing performance of ‘E det fel på mig?’ which translates as ‘Is there something wrong with me?’ (Given the glint of crazy in her eye there just might be…but we love her anyway).

Her victory means she has earned an outright spot in the finals for the third time in her career.  The honour didn’t come without its drama, though.  Linda was caught sniffing her armpits as she waited to hear the voting results, and upon being announced as one of the top 5 artists, she virtually fell on the floor and started screaming. It got worse when Bengtzing forgot her lyrics during her celebratory performance.  Hot mess-age aside, Vebooboo loves this woman and wishes her all the best in Stockholm. Here she is in action.

The other winner of the night was a real shocker.  Nicke Borg, the unassuming rocker originally from southern Sweden, compelled his countrymen and women to put his appearance (thousands of tattoos) aside and vote him through.  Sceptical at first, Vebooboo had to admit that the rocker’s staging was amazing and proved that candles still do the trick.  Hopefully Nicke won’t fall apart like poor Anna Bergendahl! Here he is:

The penguin-suited Love Generation girls will get another chance to bend their bodies like crazy at next week’s Second Chance.  The staging of the girls’
performance was spot-on, but unfortunately the girls may want to take a few more vocal lessons before next Saturday.  Charly Q (aka mixed-race version of Pink) was off-tune throughout, and only fake-redhead Mikaela Urbom held her own. Nonetheless, both Vebooboo and Wiwi hope to see the girls in two weeks’ time working it out on their runway of a stage at Globen. (We’re getting zebra costumes made out of latex in honor of them).

Linda Pritchard will join Love Generation at next week’s Second Chance after scraping through by the skin of her va-jay-jay.  Lady spent 80,000 SEK on her dress. So imagine Vebooboo and Wiwi’s surprise to see how little material covered her crotch. But luckily for Linda the strength of her voice and the measured build of her power ballad were more memorable.  Girl may want to work on her nerves, though. She practically fell apart during the voting section of the show, and in a much less comical way than her competitor Bengtzing.

The evening’s biggest victory, though, was in the removal of 60’s nostalgia band Lasse Stefanz. And the night’s lowest moment came via Anders Fernette.  After causing such drama with the premature release of his original entry, the artist, if he can be called that, proceeded to take to the stage and sing out-of-tune throughout his three-minute number while acrobats dangles from IKEA sheets.  Lesson of the night: rhythmic gymnasts + hot man do not a winner automatically make.

Next week promises to be an amazing show, with a number of solid contestants dueling it out in classic over-the-top SVT fashion for the final two spots at
the Finals on March 12th.

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[…] animals, so it was only natural that we fell in love with Love Generation at least year’s Melodifestivalen semi-final in Malmo: they were each dressed in a form-fitting penguin suit! The multi-racial group reminiscent of a […]

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really loved love generation!