Tonight the final two finalists for Melodifestivalen 2011 will be chosen.  In classic SVT fashion, the Second Chance will be played out in duels, similar to an NCAA Final Four bracket…except penguin suits and glitter will take centre stage, not seven-foot-tall-college-jocks. (One can only dream…)


Anyway, the night will kick off with Jenny Silver duelling against Love Generation.  Jenny really has made a come-back this year with a much more
up-beat song and a whole lot of schlager.  But the girl group’s ‘Dance Alone’ number is simply too catchy, and Vebooboo would be shocked if the contortionist United Colours of Bennetton foursome doesn’t make it through.

PREDICTION:  Love Generation through

The second duel will pit Sara Varga, a surprise Second Chance participant, against Loreen, one of Vebooboo’s favourites.  Loreen’s song is a grower, and with an extra chance to listen to it live, Vebooboo is pretty confident that voters’ hearts won’t refuse them.  After all, who could say no to a goth queen singing to a techno beat?

PREDICTION:  Loreen through

If Loreen and Love Generation make it through, then the decider will be a nail-biter.  Both songs are fast-paced, but ‘Dance Alone’ is a lot more
commercial.  Loreen’s vocals are definitely stronger, but she doesn’t quite have the stage presence or teeny bopper appeal of Love Generation, and so Vebooboo thinks ‘Dance Alone’ will be performed three times tonight.

PREDICTION:  Love Generation through to Globen!


The first duel in the bottom half will feature Linda Pritchard dancing queen against The Moniker.  Now, The Moniker’s arrival at Second Chance was first a surprise to many, but the song is actually quite catchy and could do pretty well at ESC.  Having said that, Swedes love their power ballads (think Sarah Dawn Finer), and so Vebooboo thinks Linda will make it through to the final duel.

PREDICTION:  Linda Pritchard through

The second duel in the bottom half will pit gap-toother Pernilla Andersson against Shirley’s Angels.  The Angels’ number is cute, and Vebooboo likes their simple yet synchronised choreography.  But Pernilla’s song is just too unique to bet against.  It stands out of the crowd and in some ways resembles Caroline af Ugglas’ amazing rendition of ‘Snalla, Snalla’ in the recent past.

Pernilla Andersson through

If Linda and Pernilla both make it through, it will be another all girls final duel, this time with much slower numbers.  Pernilla is a bit more of a known commodity in Sweden, and so Vebooboo thinks she can pull through in the end. But the gap between the two would surely not be as big as the one between her front teeth.

PREDICTION:  Pernilla Andersson through to Globen!