Dana International is back with “Ding Dong”

Dana International is back, but is she better than ever?

Eurovision fans tend to agree that “Diva,” the song that won her the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest, was a worthy winner. But fans seem more divided about this year’s entry “Ding Dong”—and whether it deserved to win Israel’s national selection at all. As Nicole wrote on the message boards at Eurovision Song Contest Today, “I don’t understand how a song like this can win the jury vote, considering the quality of the other contestants. I’m puzzled …” Or, as another less eloquent user said, “Ding Dong is pure CRAP!”

What do you think? Is “Ding Dong” a huge disappointment? Does it come anywhere close to the quality of Diva? Cast your vote for the one you prefer and let us know what you think!