Her dress may have been as bright as the sun, but her mood couldn’t have been any darker. Linda Bengtzing–the 37-year old who tried to make schlager mainstream again–is pissed off at Swedes and SVT following her 7th place finish at Melodifestivalen.

Immediately after the show Linda said she has no intention of performing at Sweden’s national selection ever again.  ”I’m really disappointed.  First the Swedish people vote me direct to the final from the semifinal.  Then they abandon me,” she told Sweden’s Expressen newspaper.

After bashing Swedish voters Linda moved on to SVT. It emerged after the show that they made errors when calculating the televoting numbers, and gave a number of votes intended for Linda to Nicke Borg.  “Put the numbers on the table now,” Linda said. “One just becomes so tired of it all.”

But there is a glimmer of hope: Bengtzing was shown a healthy dose of love from the international jury–including 12 points from Croatia.  She says the rest of Europe understands her style better. “Apparently I’m closer to England, Norway and Germany (in style).  I will compete for Croatia next year.  That’s how it’s goijng to be.  I want to go to Eurovision with my energy.”

Vebooboo loves the cray cray singer and wishes her all the best in Zagreb next year! Take the yellow dress, but leave the bitterness at home.

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11 years ago

We have a say here in Mexico: “Mientras hablen de mí, aunque sea mal”.
Can be translated as: “As long as they talk about me, I don’t care if they say bad things”.
Works for this girl, apparently: She got a post of her own on Wiwibloggs. And now I know she exists. Yup, I didn’t.
(Maybe she should ask Croatia before saying that she will go for them next year, though)

11 years ago

My god, this woman is trash…