Albania seriously believes in transformation. Last year its Eurovision team changed Juliana Pasha from a dowdy looking lounge singer into a hip-shaking disco diva, and they totally funked-up her song ahead of Oslo. Now it looks like the Albanians are up to their old tricks again.

First songwriters got a hold of “Kënga Ime” (My Song)—the Albanian-language entry that won Aurela Gace the right to represent Albania back in December 2010—and renamed it “Feel the Passion.” Then producers Michael Frondelli and Gene Grimaldi, who previously worked their magic on artists like Madonna and Lady Gaga, decided to chew it up and spit out what sounds like an entirely different song. Someone on Aurela’s team has even gone around YouTube disabling the “embed” option on the old version—meaning Wiwi can’t share it with you. Looks like they wanted “Kënga Ime” dead for real!

Anyway, check out Aurela’s official “Feel the Passion” video below, and then click here to watch the original version. Which do you prefer? Did Albania make the right choice?

“Feel the Passion”:

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11 years ago

It’s uncanny… I foresee a war between Lena, Jedward and this girl for Creepiest Act of The Year.