When bookies released their first set of odds on March 15, they called Eurovision 2011 as a two-way battle between France’s Amaury Vassili and Norway’s Stella. But over the past two weeks the bookies have gone somewhat cold on the “Haba Haba” singer and she’s fallen from second position in the odds all the way to seventh (she’s now rated at 9:1 at a number of agencies).

She’s been replaced by Estonia’s Getter Jaani. The “Rockefeller Street” singer—and former Estonian Idol contestant—is now tied or slightly behind opera singer Amaury at most betting agencies. Britain’s Blue, Sweden’s Eric Saade, and Germany’s Lena round out the top 5. According to the bookies, only six other countries have a realistic shot of winning (based on them having odds of 20:1 or lower). They are: Bosnia, Norway, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Denmark and Russia. After them, the odds become rather far-fetched. Long shots include San Marino 300:1 and Portugal at 500:1.


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