Amaury Vassili has released the English-language version of his Eurovision entry “Sognu,” and his team has translated it as “I Would Dream About Her.” It’ll be included as a bonus track on the re-release of Amaury’s album Cantero.

Thank goodness it’s only being used for promotional purposes at Eurovision. The original version, sung in Corsican, conveys all the love-death-drama you’d expect from opera. But sung in English the song just sounds totally cheesy and over-the-top. What do you guys think? You can listen to the song below and check out the lyrics (which don’t always make sense). And don’t forget to read Wiwi’s exclusive interview with Amaury here.

“I Would Dream About Her” lyrics

I would dream about her
With her voices soft and puresome
It’s the memory totally embraced
When the night ends I descend

I would dream about her
But I always lament her
And if this heart finds it hard to care
How to get through come tomorrow

I’m knelt down on my knees
I’m there staring at the ocean
We could have had the world

So that you’re not here
I must dare to dream
That your soul is not so far away

[If] I shall see you
Here’s what I shall say
It’s a song made for today

I keep crying
Pray to heaven
Till I’m dying

On the mountain
Running from time
And the nighttime has to end

In my tomorrow we’ll die together

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11 years ago

These lyrics are very inaccuarte if you listen carefully! I’m disappointed