Over the past week, thirty aspiring pop stars have been flexing their muscles and drinking protein shakes in their quest to become Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2011. To help Wiwi whittle the field down to the 15 finalists who will move into the House of Wiwi, you guys have cast a total of 1,265 votes so far in the semi-finals. The first elimination begins now—and five men are gonna be sent packing.

Wiwi has 25 photos in his hands, and these 25 photos represent the men who are still in the running to become Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model. I’ll call the names starting with the contestant who received the most votes. The numbers that I flash indicate the number of votes and the percentage of votes each contestant received.

The first man advancing this week has proven that you don’t need brawn to be desirable. He’s got a baby face—and he’s also got a lead of more than 120 votes over this week’s second-place finisher. He is…..


If you’ve been following the ladies as they duke it out in Wiwi’s search for for Eurovision’s Next Top Model then you may be experiencing déjà vu. That’s because Ell’s partner in crime Nikki is also the front-runner in the ladies contest. Given all the hotness the Azeris are bringing, it’s no wonder the duo have the most-watched video of all the Eurovision 2011 contestants on the official Eurovision YouTube channel.

The second contestant advancing this week is singing “Popular” at Eurovision, and he’s proving popular with all of y’all. He is…

If you want to know more about this half-Lebanese hunk, be sure to read Wiwi’s exclusive interview with him. And don’t miss Wiwi’s video footage shot inside the Stockholm arena when Eric was named the winner of Sweden’s Melodifestivalen 2011.

You guys have been calling our third place finisher this week a Greek God, and you definitely wanna watch his dance… Can you guess who it is?

The fourth man advancing has amassed a pretty big following in Romania despite the fact that he’s British. He’s the British boy living it up in Bucharest. He is….

Our fifth place finishers this week have Wiwi seeing double. Their hair is big—but their fan base is even bigger. Their parents know them as John Paul Henry Daniel Richard Grimes and Edward Peter Anthony Kevin Patrick Grimes. But you probably just know them as…..


Of the contestants finishing the week in sixth through eleventh place, three are members of British boy band Blue, who recently posed naked in British gay magazine Attitude. Based on the bodies we saw in those images, we have to agree that Duncan James and Lee Ryan deserve to be at the head of the pack! If they didn’t have to compete against their fellow band members, do you think Duncan and James would be ranked even higher? (Notice that Antony Costa, the only one who didn’t look comfortable nude, didn’t make the Top 10).

Twenty men are still waiting to be called, but Wiwi only has 15 photos in his hands. The lucky blokes continuing in their quest to become Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model are….

That means the following five contestants must immediately return to the hotel, pack their belongings and go home.

Wiwi feels bad that four of the five male contestants from Belgium have been eliminated like this (along with both of the Belgian female contestants in their modeling contest). But fashion is cruel, and so are Wiwi’s readers. See y’all next weekend for the latest results. Keep voting! And tell your friends and family to vote, too!

Love, Wiwi

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Is this a vote for the ugliest? If not, why is the azeri dude first?

He looks like a weird bird.

And in a year where you have Loukas, the guys from Blue, Amaury and Alex from Russia…Completely ridiculous result.


And Lucas Yiorkas from Greece????