Ireland vs. Britain: Clothes off, gloves on


Eurovision is still a month away, but the claws are already coming out. In a recent interview with British tabloid The Sun, Ireland’s Jedward verbally bitch-slapped Britain’s Blue.

Speaking at the launch of a children’s fruit drink, John criticized the British boy band for splitting up and then suddenly reuniting in time for Eurovision. “We never ditched our fans and came back,” he said. “We’ve always been here.”

Edward took a dig, too. “I remember we found a Blue annual in a charity shop when we were kids and bought it,” he says. “We’re 19 and it will be girl teenagers voting so they’re more likely to vote for us. I’ve heard everyone else’s Eurovision song and ours is better.”

Of course, given the recent nude photos of Blue that appeared in Attitude magazine, they may be stealing votes from those girls (and a few of the boys, too).

What do y’all think? Do Jedward have the best song at Eurovision with “Lipstick“? Or do you prefer Blue’s reunion anthem “I Can“? Vote in our poll below and let Wiwi know!

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12 years ago

BLUE is the best band EVER………not Jedward….the twins are annoying

12 years ago

Jedward simplicity is beauty  — no offence to Duncan too much is just too much!