If we learned anything this week, it’s that men can be just as catty as women. Jedward talked trash about Blue. And then Alexey Vorobyov accused Eric Saade of dirty work. I’m sick of it. It’s time to throw five of these divas out of the House of Wiwi. The second elimination in Wiwi’s search for Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model begins now.

First place this week goes to a man who may not recognize himself since winning the Azeri national selection. Not only has he cast off the name his parents gave him (Eldar Qasimov is difficult for Western European voters to pronounce), but he’s also grown a beard and packed on the muscle so he looks like more of a lothario. He’s the baddest boy in Baku and he’s got a massive lead. He is….


Steady ready, ready steady. The contestant finishing second this week claims just under 13% of the vote—slightly down from last week when he claimed 13.5%. Has he been affected by the accusations launched against him by his Russian counterpart in this contest? Will this threaten his chance of winning this modeling contest—and Eurovision? Only time will tell. So for now, let’s just give it up for….


The third place finisher this week shares the spotlight at Eurovision with his pal Stereo Mike. But Wiwi’s voters have made it clear they prefer seeing him all by himself. Is he a Greek god? Or is he….


Blue’s Duncan James, Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe continue to perform well: all three managed to stay in the Top 10 this week. Duncan—who dominated Blue’s nude photo shoot recently—has distanced himself from his countrymen and now has 142 votes to Lee’s 58. Simon brings up the rear with 36 votes. (What a rear it is…)

Now comes the ugly part. Sixteen mostly attractive men stand before me, but I only have 11 photos in my hands. These photos represent the 11 of you who are still in the running to become Eurovision’s Next Male Model. The five of you whose name I do not call must immediately return to the hotel, collect your hairspray and go home. The lucky men sticking around for another week of sit-ups, press-ups, naked wrestling and photos are….

That means the following five men need to go. Don’t forget your passports because I ain’t letting you back in this house once you leave.

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