Three weeks ago 30 men entered the House of Wiwi with the hope of becoming Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2011. Tonight, the semi-finals end, seven more men go home, and we finally learn know which 14 guys will battle it out in the finals. The final elimination of the semi-finals begins now. (Update: Click here to vote in the final.)

A total of 2,142 votes have been cast since April 2.

The winner of the semi-finals has already been featured along with his Eurovision partner Nikki in the Huffington Post, the biggest blog in the United States. He clearly has international appeal. He’s boyish. He’s “Running Scared.” He is….

Here is is covering singing at the Azeri national final:

The contestants finishing second, third and fourth have a lot of ground to make up if they want to challenge in the final. They are…

Here’s Eric performing an encore of his song “Popular” at the Swedish national final:

Among the contestants rounding out the Top 10, we have two Brits, a set of twins, a Russian who has accused Eric Saade of stealing his dance moves, and the Eurovision front-runner. You probably know who they are based on those descriptions alone, but just in case…

Now for the hard part. Eleven mostly attractive men stand before me. But Wiwi only has four photos in his hands. These photos represent the four of you who are still in the running to become Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model. Those of you who I don’t call out must immediately return to your apartment, collect your protein powder and go home. The four men advancing to the finals are….

That means the following men need to get out of my house!

Be sure to come back on Monday, April 25 to vote in the finals. It’s up to you, Europe!

Update: Click here to see the final results and pics of the winner!

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Sari gelin
Sari gelin



Jedward are too feminine looking

Przemek Bartos

To me the best looking have Duncan James (Blue).