For the women of Eurovision, the past three weeks have been brutal. They’ve been busy perfecting their vocals for Düsseldorf, and have spent hours sweating it out with a choreographer as they finalize their dance routines. On top of all that, they’ve also had to work the runway and watch what they eat as they compete in the semi-finals of Wiwi’s annual search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model. Voting has ended, and the semi-finals are now officially over. Wiwi will now read out the results. At the end of this, five women will be sent packing. Twelve will advance to the final round of voting, which begins on Monday, April 25.

Wiwi’s readers have cast a total of 4,858 votes since voting began on April 2.

The first two women advancing to the final account for 56% of all votes cast in this competition. They’re two beauties from the former Soviet Union. They are….

Battle of the beauties: Armenia vs. Azerbaijan

During the first week of voting, Azerbaijan’s Nikki jumped into first place with 353 votes, while Armenia’s Emmy sat in fourth place with just 148 votes. That gave Nikki a lead of 205 votes. By the second week, Nikki still led, but Emmy had jumped into second place. And by this morning, they were still on top and the difference between them was just 119 votes. In the final, these two are likely to challenge for the top spot yet again. Can anyone stop them?

The women finishing third, fourth and fifth in the semi-finals will do their best to end the Azeri-Armenian dominance. They’ve got their eyes on the prize. They are…


Poland’s Magdalena Tul started the semis on fire. By the end of the first week of voting she sat in second place behind Nikki. Perhaps owing to fatigue, Magdalena’s campaign slowed and the votes stopped rolling her way. She’ll need to rally Polish voters if she wants to challenge in the final. Slovenia’s Maja Keuc, who has been climbing in this poll and in Wiwi’s poll to determine who will win the semi-finals at Eurovision, seems to have the most momentum. Slovenes: are you ready to take this lady to the top?

Rounding out the top 10, the following ladies will also move into the House of Wiwi. Among them are two previous Eurovision winners, and an Estonian who likes to dance around tall buildings. They are….


Now for the hard part. Seven mostly beautiful women stand before me. But I only have two photos in my hands. These photos represent the two of you who are still in the running to become Eurovision’s Next Top Model. You will move into the House of Wiwi, and compete in the finals. This is the chance of a lifetime, so I understand why you’re all shaking. But it ain’ cute, so compose yoself! Wiwi’s voters have made up their minds. The two women advancing to the finals are…

That means the following five women are out of the contest.


I really feel for you guys. Nina: you needed just seven votes to advance! Couldn’t you have called your cousins?

In any case, come back on Monday, April 25 to begin voting in the finals. All votes will be set to zero, so it really is anyone’s game. See you then!

Love, Wiwi

Some of the finalists celebrating at the after party:

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