ENTMM 2011: Russia’s Alxey Vorobyov

It’s been one week since 14 finalists moved into the House of Wiwi to compete for the title of Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model. The men have been busy doing push-ups and eating red meat, and it really shows. Nothing but pecs and back muscles for Wiwi. Mmm mmm good.

Since April 25 you guys have cast a total of 1,046 votes.

Russia’s Alexey Vorobyov has used his biceps to climb straight to the top. In the three-week semi-final, he finished sixth with only 146 votes. In the first week of the final, however, he’s already amassed 268 votes. Perhaps voters were taken by his impressive first rehearsal at Eurovision?


Hot on his heels is Sweden’s Eric Saade, who trails Alexey by just 45 votes. Could their behind the scenes bitchfight be settled through a modeling contest? Maybe. All we know is we love us some Swedish meatballs.

Eric Saade sang “Manboy” at Melodifestivalen last year. Our contestant finishing in third place this week looks like a Manboy. Azerbaijan’s Ell (that’s Eldar for all y’all Azeris) won the semi-finals. Why is he in third now? Can he regain the confidence that saw him through to the final?

He’s in Blue, but y’all seem to think that Duncan James is red hot. Maybe it has something to do with those nudey photos they took for Attitude magazine?

And now for the rest of ’em. If you want to see shirtless pics of one of these guys, then cast your votes and push them into the top four! Wiwi will update in a few days. Polls close May 20 at midnight! Love, Wiwi

Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model: Update #2

Update: Click here to see the final results and pics of the winner!

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Mila Cline
Mila Cline

Haha Eric? Alex so hot boy, he’s the best and very beautiful and talented!!!