In a recent interview, Stella Mwangi told Wiwi that she was going to elevate her stage performance for Düsseldorf. I thought she’d pull out some large maracas and a trapeze, or maybe wear the outrageous dress from her music video. Instead Stella has done the following.

1. Her saucy red dress, which we loved at Melodi Grand Prix, is now gold. It’s cute and will look fantastic when all the lights shine in the final. Good choice Miss Mwangi. (Though Wiwi is still confused about the large butt flap. Is that meant to catch insects?)

2. She’s raised the pitch of her voice and no longer sounds like a man. Her team hit the studio back in March and released a higher-pitched version of Haba in April.

3. The dancers almost get blown away by a wind machine in the opening bars, but still manage to do their Haba dance.

4. The massive LED backdrop flashes black, blue and purple, and the stage floor flashes red, pink and orange. And, in case you didn’t get the point this is a colorful, feel good song, green, orange, red and yellow figure pop up in the background too.

The bookies downgraded Stella’s chances of winning her semi-final after this morning’s rehearsal, pushing her to fourth behind Russia. Azerbaijan and Hungary remain the odds-on favorites.

Wiwi’s partner in crime Vebooboo would like to add the following:

“The blondie behind her does NOTHING in terms of dance throughout the rehearsal.  And whoever filmed this clearly likes Stella’s booty cuz there’s a good 5 sec zoom-in around 1:30 LOL.” If booty leads to points, then I say ZOOM!

What do y’all think of Stella’s first rehearsal? Will it get better in subsequent rehearsals? Does she have a few bongos hidden up her sleeve?

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Norway worst rehearsal so far ( Stella can t sing live)


This song is unfair to men. It can’t be danced without boobs. Just watch those poor dudes trying to dance without the proper jiggling and bouncing.