Daria celebrates…in black

Croatia and Poland may be hundreds of miles apart, but the two countries clearly used the same choreographer for this year’s ESC–and that’s a low down dirty shame. Daria’s song is ‘Celebrate’, yet  she does very little of it on stage. There’s no joy. There’s no happiness. And at times it looks like she’s struggling to smile. The closest she comes to moving is when she lifts her leg while singing ‘every step you take’.  Her back-up singers don’t move either, and she employs a random DJ-come-magician who looks like Frankenstein to throw glittery paper at her and change her costume. (That’s a good move at least. Daria looks much nicer in pink).

Vebooboo was not amused.  This is by far the worst choreography for an upbeat song in Semi-Final 1 so far.


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William Lee Adams
10 years ago

Peter: I totally agree. Croatia’s rehearsal was AWFUL!

10 years ago

One of worst rehearsal so far.
Worst rehearsals in this 2 days are: Norway, Hungary (Stella and Kati can t sing good live) and Croatia ( better vocals worst performance).