At her first rehearsal this morning, Nadine Beiler wore a skimpy black dress that stopped well short of her knee. She’s certainly got the figure for it—this woman is all leg! But she had to throw on a jacket for most of the morning because she was so cold. Here’s a tip: Try wearing pants.

Anyway, whenever Nadine launches into a vocal run, it’s like a thousand R&B singers let loose. She has an out-of-this-world voice, and it’s a matter of debate whether she even needs back-up vocalists. According to reports you could hear her voice outside of the Arena! I just wish that “The Secret is Love” was a bit more interesting. Her voice moves me, but the song is somewhat forgettable. Get her on Mariah Carey’s “Lover Boy” and watch out! The secret, sweet Nadine, is to have a good song!


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10 years ago

Wow. Now I understand the concept “Too classy for Eurovision”.