Wiwi’s personal favourite Bosnia took to the stage this morning in Dusseldorf. Dino Merlin delivered a stellar vocal performance of his song ‘Love in Rewind.’  The ditty is without a doubt THE folksy song of the year, and the Eastern European crowd will eat it up like an American kid at McDonald’s.  The question remains whether the West will buy into it.

The choreography is incredibly simple, partly because the group is already composed of six members, leaving little room for extra bodies on stage due to ESC rules.  But while the choreography doesn’t have the immediate fan appeal that Bosnia had in 2008 (Laka with the crazy clothes hanger lady), it’s hardly in the same train wreck category of the likes of Poland and Croatia.

Bosnia will definitely make it to the Final.  But will performing first in Semi-Final 2 make it tough to beat out other favourites Estonia, Denmark and Sweden?  By the end of tomorrow we will have a better sense, but for now it’s too close to call.