Semi-Final 2: It’s Bosnia vs. Estonia

Rehearsals for the second semi-final kick off today. So that we can better gauge the bookies’ reaction to those performances afterwards, Wiwi has averaged the odds from a dozen leading betting agencies and listed them below.

Back on March 31, when we first compiled the numbers, Estonia’s Getter Jaani and Bosnia’s Dino Merlin were locked in a dead heat with their odds at 3. Estonia has now edged past Bosnia, though both of their odds have widened to 4 and 4.5, respectively. Denmark’s A Friend in London has pushed past Sweden’s Eric Saade to move into third place. Nine of the ten countries that would have qualified based on the March 31 odds remain in the Top 10 with these new set of numbers. The one exception is Israel’s Dana International. The bookies now believe that Slovakia’s TWiiNS, who recently released a rap version of their song “I’m Still Alive,” are more likely to make it to the final—leaving Dana out in the cold.

1. Estonia 4.0
2. Bosnia and Herzegovina 4.5
3. Denmark 6.5
4. Sweden 8.0
5. Romania 13
6. Slovenia 13
7. Austria 21
8. Ireland 29
9. Ukraine 35
10. Slovakia 41
11. Israel 50
12. Moldova 50
13. Latvia 51
14. Bulgaria 81
15. Belarus 81
16. Netherlands 100
17. Belgium 151
18. Cyprus 151
19. F.Y.R. Macedonia 151


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11 years ago

Estonia and Denmark have best song in this semifinal.