Daniela and Veronika Nizlova—the TWiiNS—released the sexiest press photos in the history of Eurovision earlier this year. Did they bring the same heat to the stage at this morning’s rehearsal? Wiwi and Vebooboo can’t seem to agree.

Vebooboo: They may be the hottest twins in the competition, but Slovakia’s TWiiNs won’t be WiiNing Eurovision any time soon if their first rehearsal is any indicator of their upcoming performance in next Thursday’s second Semi-Final.  The duo had harmony problems throughout their three-minute performance, and even a snail would say the tempo was slow and energy level was low. Vebooboo wishes the TWiiNs best of luck in Eurovision’s Next Top Model, because it’s the only competition they have a chance of winning any time soon.  All the spandex in the world couldn’t save their first rehearsal!

WiiWii: Call me crazy, but ever since I saw the rap version of their song, which was dedicated to “all the people of Japan, Haiti and Africa,” I can’t help but love this group. Their song’s message of perseverance has found renewed relevance post-Japan quake, and I just want to light a candle and wave it Anna Bergendahl style. But hopefully these sisters won’t crash out in the semis like dear Anna.

Anyway, I was really impressed with how the TWiiNS sounded this morning. The occasional pitch problem has more to do with adjusting to the venue than it does with natural vocal ability. I just wish they would replace the scrolling images of flowers with real-life images of tragedy and victory as they did in their official music video. I’ve got my fingers crossed they’ll pull a Belarus 2010 (3 + 2 with “Butterflies”) and advance to the finals despite all the haters.


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12 years ago

Slovakia will be flop in semifinal like last year. Austria and Ukraine have better ballads in this semi final