And the award for the worst use of the LED backdrop goes to…Armenia!

Rather than dancing before a panoply of colors like Hungary, or a fiery digital rain like Azerbaijan, Armenia has chosen to use the LED screen to show a few sticks with stars on the end. On the stage itself, Emmy sits in an oversized boxing glove, and later in the act her back-up dancers try to form a boxing ring using ribbon. It’s tired and dull—and a far cry from the oversized apricot stone they used in 2010. That was bold and tasty. The boxing theme is just lame.

“It’s a very catchy song,” Emmy said afterward. “The story tells of a girl who’s fallen in love with a guy doing nothing except boxing and sports. She asks him to come to the love ring instead of the boxing ring.” That’s a loose narrative…

Anyway, there are two redeeming qualities to this act. First, Emmy was a good choice. She has a stellar voice and infectious energy. But the song isn’t good enough for her, which makes her voice and energy kind of irrelevant. If you spray perfume on feces, it still smells like crap. Second, the choreography does get increasingly interesting as the act goes on, peaking towards the end. Unfortunately, that won’t be enough to make up for the appalling lyrics.



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9 years ago

there was azerbaijan national dans Kochari, they are thief as always

11 years ago

Great…Well done Armenia

11 years ago

So that’s what it was? A boxing ring? I thought it was a star… but you’re right. Four boys can’t make a star.

And the stars move in sync with the music… dear God. I just hope those men take off their shirts on the real performance. That might help.

Btw, on youtube someone said that one of the backing dancers was also with Helena Paparizou on 2005. Can you recognize him?. 

An I think Emmy also might have used the same choreographer. Some movements seem quite similar.