Wiwi and Vebooboo are in love with Estonia.

Wiwi: Finally! Someone has showed up in Dusseldorf ready to perform. Estonia’s Getter Jaani didn’t have a perfect performance this morning, but she demonstrated what must be the best overall presentation thus far. Fantastic LED light displays featuring what appears to be Coney Island, eye-grabbing costumes that work with said LED light display, and playful choreography that actually grabs your attention. This is one of the few numbers with a lot of movement, and I’m really excited to see what this will look like on the television.

Vebooboo: Estonia didn’t have the best first rehearsal today, with significant vocal problems as the lead and back-up singers tried to blend together.  But the choreography was on point and oh so cute, helping preserve the entry’s top position with bookies, currently at odds of about 2.5 to win the second semi-final. Vebooboo loves this song.  It’s original and the song’s tone changes throughout the performance.  Provided the Estonians can fix their vocal issues, they will serve as fierce competition against Bosnia and Denmark for the Semi-Final title spot.


See pictures of Estonia’s Getter Jaani