This is NOT the Jean Paul Gaultier outfit
This is NOT the Jean Paul Gaultier outfit

Transsexual Israeli diva Dana International took centre stage earlier today as she ran through the first rehearsal of ‘Ding Dong’.  Vebooboo loves this song, but not the live performance. Put simply, diva Dana cannot sing live.  Her stage presence today was a bit better than in the Israeli final, where she pretty much stood in place throughout the entire song. That was almost enough to make this uplifting tune a bit of a downer. There are still major problems with the vocals, and Vebooboo worries Dana will keep the sunglasses and camel-skin jacket during next week’s second semi-final.

Perhaps even more eventful than the rehearsal itself, Vebooboo noticed that the cameraman had a thing for Dana–to the extent that he filmed her deepthroating a banana.  Well, at the very least Dana may have found some romance in Dusseldorf.  Good for her, because she won’t be getting another ESC trophy. You can read more about Dana’s journey from man to woman to Eurovision winner here.


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[…] run-throughs ahead of tonight’s second semi-final, Dana tried to add a bit of movement to her act. She strutted down the arena’s mega-long runway and finished “Ding Dong” by […]