Georgia, Sopho Toroshelidze (Eldrine) ELIMINATED

Sophio Toroshelidze, the lead singer of Eldrine, starts this video by telling us she needs to smile more. That can’t be a good sign. If you don’t like your song “One More Day,” how are we meant to?


It’s a curious act. The group blends rap with rock ‘n roll. But not the happy, bouncy kind of rock. This is the dark stuff that makes you think Sopho eats mice for breakfast, or beats up her boyfriend after work. All the strobe lights and fireworks are enough to give Wiwi a headache. But I do like their bizarre X-Men outfits. They seriously look straight out of a comic book. I probably prefer this song to Turkey’s “Live It Up,” though I don’t think that either deserves to crack the Top 10.