Wow! Wiwi is seriously impressed by Magda’s second rehearsal. Her first rehearsal felt kind of flat, and she looked like a mess wearing cut-up leather street pants. But now that she has slipped into white latex covered in rhinestones, I am totally feeling it. The sensuality of her song really comes through. But that’s bound to happen when four women lay down and hump the floor, and then thrust their rears toward the ceiling while touching their toes. In leotards. Bravo, Magda!


WATCH: Denmark’s First Rehearsal at Eurovision 2011

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[…] have dismissed Eurovision as a festival of kitsch. They cite its tawdry outfits (this year’s Polish contestant competed in a bathing suit covered in rhinestones), its nonsensical lyrics (the Armenian entry […]

Chris Painter

Dino, This year entry from Poland is entirely different from the last year entry. The song performed by Polish singer last year was disorganized in rhythm and the singer had a difficulty to really sing in English. This song is very well balanced and the singer has powerful voice. Actually everything is different. Do not assign places basing just on the country. Gorniak from Poland has the greatest song in 1994 and she got “only” 2nd place just because Poland had no Eurovision history. It is not kind of you to use the nick name Dino because Dino from Bosnia… Read more »


Hi, Dino. Shouln’t you be rehearsing instead of dissing on other contestants? 😛

Przemek Bartos

Great performance!

DINO bosnia
DINO bosnia

Poland will be flop in semi final like last year.
Bosnia is the best . Eurovision 2012 in Sarajevo