Together again: Jedward and Wiwi appear on CNN via Skype

William was skeptical of Jedward’s chances to win Eurovision 2011 a few months ago. But after watching several of their performances live in Germany, he’s now convinced they can and should win. Their energy is contagious, their act puts William in a good mood, and the song gets stuck in his head. It’s classic Eurovision—frothy, fun and full of life—so Wiwibloggs is sending them 12 big ones!

Coincidentally, Jedward and William appeared in two separate segments last night on CNN’s “Connect the World” program hosted by the fabulous Becky Anderson. You can watch the two segments below. You can also read about what happened when William met Jedward in London a few months ago by clicking here.

Jedward on Eurovision 2011:

Jedward plans to rule Eurovision by CNN_International

William on his favorites:

Why is Eurovision so popular? by CNN_International