In case you didn’t get it the first time, Ell & Nikki love you guys, and think you’re fantastic. That’s the message they gave fans at the Eurovision 2011 afterparty held for contestants, delegates and corporate sponsors. William and Vebooboo managed to blag their way in, and this is what they saw.



As you probably figured out, Ell & Nikki were lip-syncing at the party. Given all the shouting and screaming and celebrating they had just done on stage, we totally understand why they didn’t want to sing live.

We also bumped into Spain’s Lucia Perez, who was wearing a funky white dress. When we started singing her song “Que Me Quiten Lo Bailado,” she sang along and even taught us her dance moves. Here’s Vebooboo with the Spanish beauty:

William also bumped into his pals Jedward from Ireland, who he recently appeared on CNN with. They were clearly tired, but still managed to give William a bit of chit chat and a smile. Their performance was really well-received in the arena tonight, and I hope they know what a good job they did.

Other highlights include:

  • The two singers from Latvia’s Musiqq were dancing in a circle. The lead singer was grinding against a blonde bombshell. Apparently finishing next-to-last in your semi-final is sexy to some folks
  • Spotted Finland’s Paradise Oskar walking aimlessly alone in a blue blazer. He looked really cute, but needs to own it. Actually talking to people would be a good start…
  • Croatia’s Daria Kinzer continues to be the social star of Eurovision. We spotted her on four separate occasions: twice being photographed, once dancing with a couple of friends and once downing free drinks at the bar. At every turn her smile was as wide as her body is long. (Check out our pic with her from the first semi-final party)

Finally, in what must be the most surreal moment from Eurovision 2011, we found ourselves relieving ourselves at urinals at the same time as Blue’s Lee Ryan and Denmark’s Tom Schou. Wiwibloggs did not inspect the other wiwis, but he can tell you this: those boys love them some toilet humor! Lee kicked off the childish banter by explaining how good it felt to use the loo. Eww!