Azerbaijan’s Ell & Nikki

Wiwi and Vebooboo have stumbled out of the Esprit Arena following a night full of fantastic acts and big surprises. We bow our heads to Azerbaijan, but mourn for Ireland and Hungary. You were all fantastic and, to quote Ell & Nikki from their victory speech, “We think you are all fantastic and we love you.”

We’re off to the official afterparty now, but look forward to updating you on all the drama tomorrow. Come back for videos, pics and gossip on who tries to steal Nikki’s microphone-shaped trophy.

Wiwi and Vebooboo xx

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13 years ago

I think there were better songs on the contest than this, especially Bosnia witch really stood up for the logo: FEEL YOUR HEART BEAT!

13 years ago

A friend of mine asked me for who did I think I win. (He doesn’t have that much of a clue, but was invited to an eurodinner and HAD to bet for someone). I said either Azerbaijan or Sweden. If you consider Italy was an umpredictable factor, returning after over a decade, I nailed the top placers quite right. 😀 And from them, after watching the performance, I prefer Azerbaijan over Sweden. The performance improved a lot what could have been a plain and boring song. I still think they needed more eye contact at the start, but it’s a… Read more »