German media have accused Lena of transitioning from Eurovision darling to “Super-Bitch.” But that isn’t stopping a German museum from honoring the 2010 Eurovision winner with a creepy wax replica.

The Hamburger Panoptikum—Germany’s answer to Madame Tussauds— will unveil a Lena wax figure on May 26, just three days after the star turns 20 years old. Sculptor Saskia Ruth began crafting the life-size model of Lena back in September. “I’m trying to reproduce the image of Lena that the majority of people have in the head,” Ruth told Germany’s RP Online.  So she’s kitted Lena out in the black T-shirt dress and black tights she wore on stage in Oslo last year. Ruth had to rely on pictures and TV footage as she molded Lena’s curves: the singer refused Ruth’s requests to meet in person. “I would have liked to measure her myself,” she says.

Notoriously private Lena doesn’t seem particularly flattered.  She won’t be at the unveiling.


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William Lee Adams

i bet you’d be kind enough to pose for measurements though. i love when strangers size me up!


If they did a nightmare-fueling replica of me, I wouldn’t be at the unveiling either.

William Lee Adams

oh my god it’s so ugly