On May 13, less than 12 hours after Eric Saade took Sweden through to the Eurovision 2011 final, Swedish runner-up Danny Saucedo was on the radio bashing Eric’s entry “Popular.”

“I think it is really bad,” Danny told radio host Äntligen Morgon, adding that he wouldn’t have been fussed if Eric hadn’t made the final.  “I have nothing against Eric.  I think he’s fantastic, but it would have been just a little funny.”  He then pointed his acid-tipped claws at Fredrik Kempe, who has composed four of Sweden’s Eurovision entries to date.  “Sorry, Kempe,” he said smugly. “I don’t understand, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like Kempe’s songs.”  Asked if he would ever sing a Kempe song, Danny responded: “Probably not. He’s really nice, and I like him a lot, but his composition style doesn’t fit me.”

Not all of what Danny said on air was dripping with venom.  Saucedo praised Eric’s strong performance of the “bad” song in the semi-final.  “Eric is a fantastic artist. He proved it yesterday. Even I was nervous on my sofa.  It was really, really good.”

The Swedish press turned Danny into a bit of a hate figure after his uncharacteristically critical statements.  So, in an attempt to right his wrongs, Danny donned a Saade t-shirt as he announced Sweden’s douze points on Saturday night.  But will this be enough to mend any rifts between the supposed best friends?  Vebooboo thinks they should just repeat what happened in March by kissing and making up! Need a third boys?

WATCH as Danny and Eric kiss at Melodifestivalen 2011:

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