Do Jedward have their eyes on Baku?

If Jedward’s manager Louis Walsh has his way, the world’s most famous pair of singing identical twins may be flying the Irish flag at Erovision 2012. “I want Jedward back at Eurovision next year, with the same song writers and another fantastic hit,” he told the Dublin Herald. “We saw the impact they made this year. They’re Kings of Eurovision already.”

And kings, of course, have plenty of riches. Walsh said that Schwarzkopf—supplier of fine quality hair products and a sponsor of Eurovision 2011—may offer the boys a lucrative hair deal. “They loved their quiffs, they thought they were so original and made them look really different,” Walsh said. “It’s the one thing everyone remembers about them and all these Germans were going around wearing the Jedheads. A deal could definitely be on the cards.”

For now, though, the boys are up to their old antics. When they arrived at Dublin’s airport on May 15, they jumped on a table and performed a few high kicks as they  greeted their mob of fans. “We are so happy that we got to the Eurovision,” John said. “We wanted to bring fun and happiness to Dusseldorf and we wanted to cheer everyone up at home. Hopefully we succeeded.”

For his part, Edward confessed that the boys need to figure out where Azerbaijan is. “I have no idea, I’m serious. The most googled thing today is going to be, ‘where is Azerbaijan?'” He added that it’s probably the size of “Rathmines”—a suburb on the south side of Dublin—and that the government would need to “build an extension” ahead of next year’s contest.

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9 years ago

i realy want Jedward at eurovision 2012, it would be cool, crazy, amazing 😀

michael gannon
9 years ago

this is michael gannon i believe jedward shouid be back with the same song and should win the contest next year we are now in the final of the contest and thanks to jedward we came in eight and should win next year everyone has a chance in life and these lads should be proud of themselfs and should be watch out Azerbaijan we are coming to get you

10 years ago

oh poor boys. They can sing but they have got brain)) how sad, go and learn something inspide of to up raise you hair boys. Education is only fortune that person has. by the way. Azerbaijan is situated in the western cost of Caspian sea, the worlds biggest lake. dear Google can tell everything that you need to know about Azerbaijan))