Israel’s Dana International looked like a sea monster, Albania’s Aurela Gace wore a used bed linen, and Moldova’s Zdob si Zdub dressed as a group of gnomes. But not even they could pry the infamous Barbara Dex Award from Eldrine, the rap-rock band from Georgia whose lead singer appeared to be dressed for some satanic prom.

The prize, given annually by the House of Eurovision, honors the contestants who dream up the most appalling sartorial nightmares. More than 800 votes were cast this year, and Eldrine won in a landslide. Sopho Toroshelidze, the group’s lead singer, sported a black kimono with oversized neon green flowers, and went heavy on the eyeliner. She told reporters at Eurovision that her costume and act captured “Georgian culture.” The outfit, coupled with the dark music and strobe lights, suggested to Wiwi that Georgia is located somewhere east of hell. In any case, here are the complete results:

1. Eldrine (133 votes)
2. Jedward (81)
3. Zdob si Zdub (66)
4. Yuksek Sadakat  (61)
5. Homens da Luta (59)
6. Kati Wolf (56)
7. Aurela Gace (45)
8. Daria Kinzer (31)
9. Maja Keuc (28)
10. Dana International (21)

You can watch footage of some of Wiwi’s favorite Barbara Dex Winners below, and see photos of all the winners here.

Eldrine, Georgia, 2011:

Milan Stankovich, Serbia, 2010:

Zoli Adok, Hungary, 2009:

Gisella, Andorra, 2008:

Verka Serduchka, Ukraine, 2007:

Sandra Ladosi, Romania, 2004:

Learn more about Barbara Dex, the namesake of this award:

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9 years ago

Honestly not my pick personally, but I could pretty much predict it.

Barbara Dex should have gone to those strippers from Denmark. Give our “Friends from London” some lucite heels, and they are all complete!

9 years ago

lest we not forget the horror that was BLUE from the UK. maitre’d’s at a gigolo bar

9 years ago

HAHA. they look like medieval gummy bears. but i still think that israel should have won. she was appalling, and spent THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS on that sea monster gown.