Jedward: “Obama was so cool.”

Following Eurovision 2011, it looks like Ireland really have embraced Jedward as symbols of the nation. On May 23 the “Lipstick” singers joined Irish icons like Westlife and U2 to welcome Barack and Michelle Obama to Dublin. The unidentified woman who introduced the boys didn’t hold back when welcoming John and Edward to the stage.  “Their performance left the whole of Europe open-mouthed,” she said. “Their energy, their positivity and their self-belief have acted as a genuine tonic for the country.”

Check out their performance (as covered by Irish broadcaster RTE) below, and then watch their amusing video diary about their encounter with the Obamas. “We met Barack Obama. It was absolutely amazing. We met Michelle Obama. She was so cool,” they say in typical warp speed. “They asked about our hair, we told them our ages, we gave them handshakes…This time last year we were at Madame Tussauds meeting him in the wax museum and now we actually get to meet him. He could actually talk. He could speak.” Imagine that. The twins have high hopes that today’s meeting will move them closer towards another great American. “Not only did we meet Barack Obama, but we are now one step closer to meeting Britney Spears….I believe in one America where John and Edward and Barack Obama come together to meet Britney Spears.”

And while the boys want a piece of Brit, it looks like celebrity blogger Perez Hilton wants a piece of them:


Their performance:

Their reaction to meeting the Obamas: