Sweden’s Eric Saade won the second semi-final and finished first in the televote. But it was Slovenia’s Maja Keuc who stole the jury’s heart.


  • The “No One” singer proved she was somebody with a sultry performance than earned top marks (146 points) from the jury. Denmark’s “A Friend in London” came in second with 129.
  • Neither fared as well with the public. Maja finished seventh in the televote, and Denmark finished fourth.
  • Bosnia’s Dino Merlin, the bookies’ favorite to win the second semi-final, only placed 11th with the jury.
  • If the jury had its way, Belgium’s Witloof Bay and Slovakia’s TWiiNS would have advance to the final. Bosnia (11th) and Moldova’s Zdob si Zdub (13th) would not have advanced.
  • Ireland’s Jedward placed 10th with the jury.
  • Sweden, which won the second semi-final overall, only finished third with the jury.
  • If televoters had complete control over the semi-final voting, then Belarus’ Anastasiya Vinnikova (Miss Soviet-era Wet Dream) would have advanced. Estonia’s Getter Jaani would not have made the cut.
  • Neither the jury nor televoters put Israel’s Dana International in the Top 10, ranking her 16th and 11th instead.


And in case you forgot, this is how the combined results looked:

  1. Sweden (155)
  2. Denmark (135)
  3. Slovenia (112)
  4. Romania (111)
  5. Bosnia & Herzegovina (109)
  6. Ukraine (81)
  7. Austria (69)
  8. Ireland (68)
  9. Estonia (60)
  10. Moldova (54)
  11. Belgium (53)
  12. Bulgaria (48)
  13. Slovakia (48)
  14. Belarus (45)
  15. Israel (38)
  16. F.Y.R. Macedonia (36)
  17. Latvia (25)
  18. Cyprus (16)
  19. The Netherlands (13)

The following chart shows who the jury helped and who the jury hurt. The number was obtained by subtracting televoting points from jury points. A positive number means the jury helped bump a contestant up the rankings, while a negative number means they knocked them down. Surprisingly, Bosnia’s Dino Merlin was the biggest victim of the jury with a score of -66. Sweden’s Eric Saade was close behind at -60.



You can also review the jury and televoting results of the first semi-final and the grand final.

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Chris Painter
10 years ago

Boring? So why televoters located it on a second place? I See special “helping hand” of jury to push this song down and fill up the gap with such “safe” songs (not pretending to be winners) like the one from Moldova, Austria. This gives an explanation why the song from Moldova that barely passed to the final (just by 1 pt) demolished later (in the final) Bookies Favourities: France, United Kingdom, Hungary. After analyzing all results I see one conclusion: CZECH REPUBLIC IS THE ONLY EUROPEAN COUNTRY THAT DID NOT LOSE IN THIS CONTEST. ANY OTHER EUROPEAN COUNTRY BECAME A… Read more »

10 years ago

If I were a jury, I would have rated at best ninth, and I’m none of the three. I just found some other songs to be more interesting. I suppose some juries have the same kind of taste.

(Yeah, the song is beautiful, but the stage show was actually boring)

Chris Painter
10 years ago

I have no idea why jury was so cruel about the most beautiful song in this year ESC from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The very high ratio of like to dislike ratio on You Tube at a very large number of entries is definitely one of the best parameters and this song had it THE HIGHEST of all songs from the 2nd semifinal. Was jury a) blind, b) deaf or c) dishonest? I think the answer c is the correct answer. Too much Politics, Tactics, Malfunctioning of televoting (1st semifinal) and Lottery. Now I understand why some excellent songs from the… Read more »